High Profile Green is dedicated to selling and spraying products that will not harm the environment and non-intended targets.

high profile green services A study conducted by the Quebec Institute of Public Health showed that 98.7% of the children they tested had lawn care pesticides in their urine.

Which brings up the obvious question:

What then, is the acceptable level of pesticides in your child’s body?

Our team provides a wide range of organic lawn care services and products designed to give you a lush, green lawn without resorting to “traditional” EPA registered chemicals.

100% EDIBLE! Each product is created from only edible ingredients and as an extra bonus the majority are derived from agricultural byproducts which aid in supporting farmers.

Our primary ingredients are derived from plants which include cereal grains and plant extracts in concert with naturally occurring microorganisms.  There are no… and never will be… any human or animal sledges or animal body parts in our formulas.

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