When shopping, you can be both budget-conscious and eco-conscious. Instead of buying cheap products that you’ll have to re-purchase down the road, invest in higher quality items. They will last longer and you will end up buying fewer goods in the long-run. But just because you are buying higher quality products doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. By looking for cashback offers, promo codes, and other discounts, you can save a bundle.

Save time and money

Instead of searching every single website for deals, you can save time and money by using sites that aggregate sales all in one convenient place. For example, a simple search for Rakuten furniture is an awesome place to start, and you can find deals on home decor, furniture and many other items you might need. You can even earn cashback from thousands of stores by using this site, so you’ll save even more.

Sign up for email lists

No, you don’t want all those fliers and catalogs coming to your house, but you do want the news about the latest sales. Head to all the websites of your favorite retailers and sign up for their email list. You can often find out about special offers, early-bird deals, and promo codes via email before they are released on the website.

Hunt down returned items

You can find deeply discounted “open box” and returned items if you look around. These goods typically have no flaws at all or slight cosmetic imperfections. For example, the Amazon Warehouse website has incredible deals on open-box items including electronics, home goods, lawn and garden items, and much more. Overstock sells “as is” products and Best Buy often has open-box electronics at a deep discount. Before finalizing your purchase, read the description very carefully so that you are aware of the product’s condition and the website’s return policy.

Use credit cards wisely

These days, many credit cards offer 1-2% cashback on all purchases, as well as special offers where you can get 10-20% cashback from various retailers for a limited time. By using these types of credit cards for everyday expenditures, you can save considerable cash over the year. However, you must be disciplined enough to only make purchases that you will pay off entirely when the bill arrives – before interest starts to accumulate. Getting 2% cashback, but then having to pay 20% interest makes no financial sense.

One item in, two items out

Most Americans buy too many things. In fact, the average household in America has over 300,000 items. Before adding anything else to your household, set up a rule to try to rid yourself of some of the things you already have. For example, a “one item in, two items out” rule would mean you have to find a way to donate, recycle, or sell at least two things in your home before you buy one item. If you abide by this rule whenever you shop, you’ll be on the road to having a more minimalistic, and thus eco-friendly, household.

With some research, along with the right websites and apps, you can save a ton of money while shopping for everyday goods, holiday gifts, and other purchases. Whenever possible, invest in higher quality items on sale that will last for years, rather than cheap products that won’t make it through the next few months. With this method, over time, you’ll save money and buy less.

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