Residential Service – Summer Grounds Service Request Form

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High Profile has been servicing residential properties in the Midwest for over 20 years.  With friendly, personalized service and the use of All Natural Organic products from weed control to edible gardens.  We care about you and the environment.

High Profile Grounds Offers The Following Residential Services:

We can build any ala cart plan to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Emergency Services

Minnesota weather can provide quite a variety of unexpected and unwelcome surprises.  Rest assured, HIGH PROFILE GREEN has staff on-call 24 hours per day/365 days per year to handle your emergency.  Whether it’s a one-time clean-up of debris left by a thunderstorm, a broken main line on your irrigation system, or a driveway that has been buried by the city’s snow plow we are there for you!

Just call our emergency number 763-434-6596 and press 4

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring Clean-up shall be completed by May 15th, weather permitting.

Complete Fall Clean-up shall be performed between October 7th and October 31st, weather permitting.

Client understands that leaves which accumulate after the fall clean-up will be removed during the subsequent spring clean-up.

Additional fall clean-up services shall be made available upon request at an additional cost and is weather permitting.

All debris, both natural and foreign, will be removed from turf areas.

Landscape areas and shrubbery cleaned and blown free of all debris.

Thatch Rake (spring only) and vacuuming of turf (spring & fall).

All debris removed from property and properly disposed of.

A disposal fee at the current industry rate of $15.00 per cubic yard is applied to off-set fees incurred at municipal compost-sites.


HIGH PROFILE GREEN is equipped to handle retaining walls, paver patios, edging, rock/mulch beds, water features, outdoor lighting, sod, lawn renovation, tree/shrub installation, black dirt/Bobcat work and more.  We can add a fresh touch of color to any property by installing and maintaining beds of annuals.

Tree and Shrub Care

Whether it’s trimming or complete removal, HIGH PROFILE GREEN can complete the job right down to the stump – which we can remove too!  All-Natural Deep-Root Tree Fertilization service is also available to preserve the natural beauty of these landscape assets which truly add real value to your property.

Deciduous Pruning

A. Deciduous Prune (leaf bearing shrubs up to “72).  A general shaping of new growth shall occur once between mid-June and late July.

B. All trimmings shall be blown clear of landscape areas, collected and properly disposed of.

Coniferous Pruning

A. Evergreen (Coniferous) Shrub Prune:  Proper pruning of evergreens involves corrective pruning.  This is done by removing dead or diseased canes and thinning the plants structure.  Simply shaping/shearing the outer growth of the shrub will only reduce the thickness of the foliage, as the woody canes will continue to grow outward and thicken. Corrective pruning allows sunlight to penetrate and encourage growth of the needles throughout.

Other Pruning

A. Corrective Pruning:  Mature, oversized shrubs often require a more thorough & structural pruning. This is done by removing large, dead, or diseased canes throughout and is billed at hourly rates, plus disposal.

B. Rejuvenation pruning:  A cutting of the shrub at near ground level to allow fresh new growth and is billed at hourly rates, plus disposal


Service and Installation is provided by experienced technicians.  HIGH PROFILE GREEN is a licensed low-voltage contractor, and we have a certified RPZ (backflow prevention) technician on staff to ensure that your system is in compliance with State and local ordinances while avoiding scheduling issues that arise when this service is sub-contracted to a licensed plumber, as is a common industry practice.  Irrigation-only service programs are available to ensure a properly functioning system from your spring start-up to fall winterization.  We the preferred installer for Irrigreen and Hunter systems.


We are dedicated to producing products that will not harm the environment and non-intended targets.  Our primary ingredients are derived from plants which include cereal grains and plant extracts in concert with naturally occurring microorganisms.  There are no… and never will be… any human or animal sludges or animal body parts in our formulas.

These products have slow-release, non-burning nitrogen sources that provide excellent color and density with lower application rates.  Our granular products are not water soluble and will not run off into the storm sewer and connecting waterways causing unwanted algae blooms.


High Profile Green removes and repairs garages, gazebos, patios and other small structures.  We use a combination of hand dismantling and machine demolition techniques to access and dismantle even the trickiest garage, gazebo and/or BBQ area.  We are committed to getting your property safe and up to code as efficiently as possible.

We have an extensive range of skills and equipment to deal with small structures, even if there is limited access.  We recycle as much as the debris as possible.

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