We use all-natural means to make your lawn undesirable to pests.

Blistering Defense

Works by disfavoring the food supply and altering the odor where insects are feeding. Ingredients include Liquid Garlic and White Pepper. Repels: Billbugs , Chinch Bugs, Grubs (White Worms)

Skeeter Beater

Garlic has always been an effective repellent for Mosquitoes. This works for about 4 weeks or 4 inches of rain. Spray just before a party and it will repel insects while not causing any detectable odor.

Goose Repel

Developed for golf courses, schools, parks and lake shore management, Goose Repel is specifically designed for problem areas where geese, deer and other wildlife are not desired. This product will not kill any targeted or non targeted animal or plant growth. Geese love to feed on grass. What they don’t like is spice, oils and garlic. The ingredients include concentrated liquid Garlic Soy-oils and White Pepper. Very effective for 30 – 45 days. Reapply as needed.