Selective Broad-leaf Weed Control

Weed Buster Plus+ provides necessary nutrients and controls broad-leaf weeds within your lawn.

All ingredients are “feed grade” and qualify as “Vegan”, “Kosher” and “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe). Simply put this translates into [as good as it gets] for being an organic weed control method and fertilizer.

The demand for these types of products is steadily growing. With pesticide bans going into effect all over Canada and now the East Coast of the United States, they are sure to take hold here in MN soon.

ALWAYS EPA EXEMPT PRODUCTS! This ensures the best quality products without using questionable chemical alternatives.

The Green Solution for your Lawn

Weed Buster Plus+ 12-0-3

Developed to provide Non-Traditional, 100% All-natural ingredients for turf fertilization.

Deliver healthy turf conditions necessary to keep grass properly nourished, while working with nature to increase turf density and exceptional color.